Burger: causing a divide in the group!

We were invited to the opening night of the new burger restaurant in town, aptly named: Burger.  Two of us were all to happy to attend – who doesn’t love a burger, right?!


The restaurant itself has a really great atmosphere and the staff were so friendly. However, it was the food that had us divided! To keep the foodie peace, we are going to write two short reviews for you to read and mull over; side with who you wish…


I really wanted Burger to be great, and I feel bad writing this review, but honesty is why we are here; I’d be pissed if I read a glowing review of a place which I thought was crappy!  So here goes…

I personally was disappointed by Burger. Knowing that they have two other restaurants, and claiming to be burger specialists, I expected really great things. If I’m honest, I was thinking about the burger pretty much all day! But sadly, I felt like this place is no competition for the masses of other burger joints in Newcastle.

I’ll keep it short and not so sweet. I went for the Red pepper & Jalapeno mozzarella sticks to start (although they were served with the main for some reason). These were actually really good – and I’m a big fan of fried cheese, so hard to impress with this.


For the burger I tried The Capital. On paper it sounded bloody brilliant, but in reality it was a let down. The brisket was cold, the burger far too over cooked and the bun felt like it had just come out of the fridge.

We opted for a side of Brisket cheese fries, which just tasted like chips with gravy and cheese.

That is me done… Burger, I’m sorry!



If you’ve read my other posts, I’m guessing you’ll have figured by now how much I love burgers. So of course, I was stupidly excited to try Newcastle’s newest addition to the meat scene. Who ever has designed this place certainly knows what they’re doing – I adore the colour-changing BURGER sign plastered across the wall (just in case you forgot where you were).

As Kate’s already mentioned, the staff are incredibly sweet and nothing seemed too much hassle, and although the ‘pre-burger mozzarella sticks’ didn’t actually manifest as a starter, they definitely hit the fried cheese mark. I also ordered The Capital B, with brisket, stilton and pickled red onion, but I seemed to have had a different burger to Kate as I rather enjoyed my stack. I didn’t have any issues with temperature or over-cooking, and found that the combination of ingredients made for a different flavour that was cut through by the sharpness of the onion. Although I agree with Kate on the fries front, my opinion definitely differs when it comes down to the burger.


It’s down to you to decide who you agree with, but with so many other competitors in Newcastle who have made such a name for themselves (especially at Battle of the Burger), we know where else we’ll head to when the burger cravings hit.

Check out the website here… https://www.burgeruk.co.uk/#menus



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