Tyneside Bar Cafe: A cinematic breakfast

On Sunday morning, we popped to Tyneside Cinema, not to scoff popcorn, but to grab some breakfast!

Tyneside Bar Cafe takes up most of Tyneside Cinema’s facade on Pilgrim Street, the big glass windows drawing you in.  The feeling that greets you as you walk in is relaxed, warm, and welcoming.  The decor makes the cafe feel very cinema-like, complete with red curtains and a projection screen at one end of the room.

As it’s a Sunday morning the projection screen is in use, with a film in full swing.  We take a seat, place our order, and settle down to watch the film.

After a short wait the food arrives.  Our order consisted of Eggs Royale, a Croissant Waffle, and a couple of BC Muffins.

WhatsApp Image 2017-07-20 at 22.12.45

We really couldn’t fault the food – very well presented and very, very tasty.  The Croissant Waffle was hands down our favourite though, an absolute delight of sweet-tasting bliss on a plate – think pastry, warm chocolate, and some perfectly-matched extras all at once.  This will definitely get your day started on the right foot!

WhatsApp Image 2017-07-20 at 22.12.46

This was all washed down with a few freshly-pressed fruit juices and some tea and coffee.  Delicious!

The service was perfect for a breakfast out – attentive when you need it but not too in-your-face.  After we’d finished eating, there was no rush to finish up our coffee, and we really felt like the table was ours for the whole length of the film.

Expect to spend around £10-15 for breakfast and a drink, which we think is pretty good considering the standard of the food and the fact that you get a film screening thrown in!

We finished feeling full, satisfied and happy, and wanting to visit again.  Next time, we think we’ll visit in the evening for some relaxed drinks after work.

Other regular events on at the Bar Cafe include Afternoon Tea at the Movies, Monday Night Cult Classics, and the Speakeasy Cinema.


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