Fat Hippo: Man vs Food

When the beautiful British weather does what it does best and rains solidly throughout the summer, there’s no greater thing to do than to fill your face with as much food as physically possible. If that sounds as heavenly to you as it does to us, then Fat Hippo is your new underground home.

We made a mid-week pit stop in the torrential rain without a booking, and were seated in the bar’s cove due to the restaurant being fully booked. I already had high expectations of the Fat Hippo’s food based on their contribution to Battle of the Burger, so to see the restaurant so full on a weeknight only heightened them further. We were in our typical greedy state, so ordered three starters to share: Mac’n’Cheese Balls – £4.50, Freddie’s Fingers (southern fried chicken strips) – £5, and Chilli Cheese Nachos – £8. The macaroni balls where undeniably good and as for the nachos, the menu describes them as a mound, but you get a mountain. There was no sparing of cheese or chilli (or any toppings for that matter), and by the time we had waded our way through our first course, we were already stuffed and beginning to realise why the manager had looked so stunned when he took our order.

Trying to fight off the sweats, we prepared ourselves for the main event: two Fat Hippos (£10.90) and a Spanish Takeover (£12.95). The Fat Hippo burgers were laden with bacon, chorizo, cheese and onion rings, and the limited special Spanish Takeover was filled with chorizo, cheese, deep fired peppers, rocket and apple mayo. The look of these champions alone blew my mind, but the flavour combinations took it to another level. Although cheese and bacon is a simple classic, Fat Hippo really know their burgers and how to add that extra twist. I’m horrified to admit that a good two thirds of my burger was carried home in a paper bag, due to the button of my jeans being unable to cope with the stress of the amount of nachos I had consumed earlier. However, a Fat Hippo burger is even incredible as leftovers.

In a nutshell, if you love meat and the feeling of your stomach being stretched, follow the heavenly red glow of Fat Hippo to get your hands on one of the best burgers in town.


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