The Herb Garden: A Slice of Heaven

Pizza is, personally, the greatest thing on this planet – strings of cheese and hand-stretched dough are the makings of something magical, but that magic is blown out of the water when you get the chance to try a Herb Garden pizza. I say if you get a chance because it can be damn hard to get your hands on one, especially at the weekend, due to its well-deserved popularity and inability to reserve a table. Time it badly and expect at least a 45 minute wait. If your stomach can hold out however, you’re in for your own slice of heaven.
With a quirky design and six-foot plastic horse wearing roller skates, the Herb Garden welcomes its customers with an open kitchen complete with traditional stone ovens. If you manage to bag a table though, open yourself to the possibility of sharing your bench with strangers – potentially risky for a first date.

The menu covers practically every taste, even non pizza lovers, with dishes catering for vegetarian, vegan and gluten free needs. Disclaimer: the pizzas here are huge! If you’re going for a starter, choose wisely or prepare to take your main dish home in a box. Obviously, we all ordered pizzas, ranging from ham and mushroom, pepperoni and roasted pepper, to the one with all of the cheese! The pizza base made completely from scratch ticked all of the boxes, with a perfectly soft centre and a gentle crisp of the crust. The chefs at the Herb Garden hit the sauce, cheese, topping ratio to a tee, to create a truly incredible pizza. There was no cardboard box needed at our table. Pizzas range from £8-£16, depending on how rich you like your toppings.
If pizza is your thing, make a visit to the Herb Garden an absolute must. And if pizza isn’t your thing, get ready for your life to flip upside down.


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