The Grind: ‘The People’s Champion’

I love food. Always have. Always will. And yes, it may have been a month since Battle of the Burger, but that greasy piece of heaven from The Grind had been playing on my mind like a teenage crush. So when a friend suggested it as a Saturday pitstop between cocktails, obviously I jumped at the chance.
I’m a fairly big lover of No.28 anyway, with its interior quirks and laid back vibes; the addition of meat just ups the ante. If you’ve not ventured above the Grainger Market to No.28 before, it’s worth the visit whether you’re stuffing your face or not. The bar staff are as chilled out as the drinkers, and there’s a tree wrapped in fairy lights – what’s not to love? But getting back to that burger…

The menu is quite select, but from the advice of the waitress, I imagine you could create any concoction you liked (ingredients permitting). The girls ordered two West Coast Classics, and I obviously went for one of the biggest stacks – the Triple Buffalo which was rammed with three beef patties, bacon, blue cheese and secret sauce. We topped it off with three rounds of beef dripping fries. The whole lot arrived on a charming, American diner style tray, with each burger wrapped in the Grind’s already iconic paper bag. My only downfall was having all three portions of fries served all together – I don’t share food. After overcoming that trauma though, I thoroughly enjoyed every single bite. At £15 for a hefty burger stack, fries and a third share of a bottle of rose, the Grind is quickly becoming my favourite spot in Newcastle. The chefs at the Grind know burgers, and they will forever be my Battle of the Burger champion.


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