The Brownie Bar: All things gooey

WhatsApp Image 2017-05-02 at 19.46.25When it comes to adverts, I’m a consumer psychologist’s dream. Got some snazzy slogan or a ‘man vs food’ style feast? I’m there with bells on, drooling through the window. So of course, when I saw Brownie Bar’s creme egg specialities plastered all over Facebook, I fell for it hook, line and sinker. I will always sing the praises of a creme egg (even after that dark time in Cadbury’s history when they decided to reduce the size), so both a cookie and a brownie combined with such a delight couldn’t be missed.

WhatsApp Image 2017-05-02 at 19.46.16

At £3 a pop, they’re not the cheapest treats you can get your hands on, and I was overtly aware that I could have been stuffing my face with twenty cookies from Tesco for the same price. I warmed them up, as advised by the lovely lady behind the counter, and settled in for a taste sensation. My expectations may not have been blown out of the water, but being a lover of all things injected with sugar coated fat, I still relished every single mouthful. The creme egg disappeared slightly into the background of the brownie goodness, but I’m all up for giving Brownie Bar another whirl with their caramel bombs.


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