Lebaneat: Lebanese feasting in Durham city centre

I popped to Lebaneat, just down from Durham Cathedral, with some friends on Saturday night.  We had to book a fair bit in advance as the restaurant gets pretty busy on weekends, so I’d recommend planning ahead for a visit here.

I really love the taste of Lebanese food and the gorgeous smells from the (fairly open) kitchen hit you as soon as you walk in the door.  The vibe is relaxed with friendly service and there’s a big mix of diners here.

We ordered mixed starters (£7.20), which came with hummus, moutabal baba ghanoush, wark inab, tabbouleh, lebneh, falafel, batata harry, jebne halloumi, and Lebanese bread.  Obviously we didn’t have a clue what half of these were, and helpfully the waiting staff guide you through the plate when it arrives.  We also ordered sambousek cheese (£5.95) – this and the kallaj (£6.00) are definitely worth trying if your a cheese-lover!  All the starters were delicious, and the Lebanese wine we ordered went perfectly.


Our mains included qozy lamb (£17.95) and kofta mixed (£13.15), which were again cooked very well indeed and satisfied my love of Lebanese tastes!

Somehow after the large helpings we managed to find room for a little baklava and Lebanese tea, which was a lovely way to round off the evening.


We did have to give up our table but this was two hours after we arrived and we didn’t feel rushed during the meal.

If you’re in Durham and fancy an authentic tasty Lebanese, then get yourself Lebaneating!


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