Gisborough Hall: You don’t have to stay here to feel like you’ve had a holiday

Okay so I’m not sure whether this is technically in the North East, or whether it’s just pushing into North Yorkshire, but we had such a good experience here that I just had to share it!

Let’s set the scene: it’s a hectic Saturday of household DIY, the usual chores, and running round town trying to find a new suit for an upcoming wedding.  My girlfriend suggests popping out on Sunday morning for a quick breather from it all, and I can’t wait.

After a stroll around the beautiful Cleveland Hills, we decided to grab a quick coffee.  If you’re passing through Guisborough, it’s difficult not to notice the stunning facade of Gisborough Hall as you drive along Whitby Lane.  This beautiful old house, built over 100 years ago is set back from the road just far enough to make it feel exclusive, yet just close enough to entice you in.

After you’ve entered through the grand wooden doors, you’re instantly transported to an oasis of peace and calm.  We’re shown to a table in The Main Hall, a very decadent room with a massive fireplace and very comfortable, stylish chairs.  There are huge windows and we can relax overlooking the very same hills we’ve just been walking on.


Our drinks arrive – a tea, served very traditionally with a milk jug, a separate pot of hot water and shortbreads in the silhouette of the llamas that stroll the grounds.  The coffee comes in a tall mug with a chocolate on the side, but also a miniature glass of sparkling water – a nice touch.  The coffee tastes good.


The service is truly flawless from everyone from start to finish.  But it’s not the impeccable service that you’re struck mostly by, or the beautiful room, or the stunning surroundings.  It’s this incredible sense of peace and calm that this place exudes.  Somehow you forget about all the chores, the household DIY and it’s actually like being on holiday.


As we meander down the gravel path back into the real world, we can’t believe we’ve only had a quick cuppa – it feels as if we’ve actually stayed in this hotel for a weekend away.

Right, I really must find this suit!


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  1. lucyajones91 says:

    Love Gisborough Hall! Wonderful review for a wonderful place!

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