Bierrex: Brilliant beer and mighty meat!

As soon as you walk through the door you notice that Bierrex has a nice chilled out, friendly vibe to it.  You can sit at the bar for a drink or choose a table if you want to have some food.

The welcome is warm and relaxed.  The waiting staff are all genuinely friendly, as well as being very knowledgable about the beer and the food – requests for recommendations are encouraged.

The selection of drinks on offer is very impressive, with 31 craft beers on tap, and an extensive menu on top of this.  Personally I’m a fan of Weissbier, and upon informing our waiter of this I was presented with a delicious pint of their recommendation.


You just have to look at the food menu and your mouth waters.  There’s an extensive selection that centres around the tasty meats – brisket, sausage, ribs, pulled pork – it’s all there.  If it’s your first time try the BBQ Combo Plate – £12, featuring your choice of 2 meats and 2 sides.

Our order consisted of skinny fries, man n cheese, pulled pork, brisket, and collard greens and was all delicious.  With the refreshing beer and some tasty sauces on the side it was a real delight! It was also very, very filling.  So filling that no matter how excited we were about the pecan pie on offer we decided to return another time to try a dessert!


It’ll take you a while to get through the amount of food here – so it’s good news that you won’t feel rushed – we were allowed to take our time and after our meal stayed at our table for a few drinks.


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