The Poison Cabinet: A secret speak-easy

Underground in the basement of one of our favourite eateries in Newcastle lies a hidden speak-easy.

If you’re lucky enough to find it, once you step through the heavy wooden door you’ll be greeted by a prohibition-style cocktail bar.  Although it’s usually busy, this adds to the atmosphere and it still feels exclusive.  You’ll feel special that you’re in the know about this place.

There’s a good range of cocktails on offer here.  The menu comprises of tipples you can imagine being served in the period of history the bar is trying to emanate.  However, if you want something that you can’t see listed, just ask and the bar staff are happy to prepare something for you.


Service is happy and friendly and fairly quick, and the staff know what they’re doing when it comes to sprits and mixology.

My appellation tasted great and like all the other drinks here was served in a very traditional cocktail glass, which helped me to transport myself back in time as I sat back and sipped.


If you want a cool and unique experience, The Poison Cabinet is open from 6pm Friday and Saturday, and is also available to hire out, if you manage to find it!


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