Battle of the Burger: What’s your beef?

Wylam Brewery

Nothing gets my taste buds going more than the thought of a quirky, juicy burger. Beautiful buns, succulent meat, dripping in grease; quite frankly, the perfect mix of ecstasy and guilt. You can imagine the levels of delight when Wylam Brewery announced Battle of the Burger was to return in 2017. If I was to take my last breath there, cholesterol running though my veins, I would die a very happy foodie.

And the brewery did not disappoint.

Fat Hippo


The burger to kick the day off. Mind blowing combination of delightful flavours; beef patty, Monterey jack cheese, chilli and bacon string fries, pickle back slaw, chorizo and fat hippo sauce, this burger was in the running for the best from the moment it entered my mouth. Fat Hippo has earned itself my custom in the up and coming weeks to sample more of what they have to offer.

Kate, Lucy and Ed’s favourite.

The Grind


With high expectations set by the rumour mill, we had heard good things about this burger before we gave it a whirl. The unusual combination of ingredients had us intrigued to say the least. Jam packed with cured bacon, cream cheese, green chilli salsa, magic sauce and all the fixings, the burger did not fail to gain our approval. A cool twist on a classic with a kick on the side.

Rae’s favourite.



The Zapatista burger did not have the same hipster look to it and, at times, seemed to be the vendor drawing the smallest crowd. A simple burger complied of meat, chilli spiked cheese, pink pickled onions, chipolata honey sauce and nachos. Worth a try if you are already planning a visit to Zapatista. Not a place to visit just for the burger.

Lola Jeans


As the 2016 champion, Lola Jeans boasted a monster flavour with an unexpected use of the childhood favourite Monster Munch. My hopes and dreams were set on this burger, only for them to come crashing down.  I might as well have downed a bottle of BBQ sauce.



Never one to say no to a Dirty Longhorn (or a Dirty Dawg for that matter), I was delighted to discover the ‘Pepper Don’t Preach’ burger layered inside a brioche bun with chipotle and bacon jam, Monterey Jack cheese and red cabbage pickle. I may have been slightly biased going in with already high expectations, but Longhorns sure as hell didn’t disappoint. The smokiness of the chipotle jam combined with the bite of the pickled cabbage, created burger heaven. Why ‘Pepper Don’t Preach’ doesn’t feature on their restaurant menu is beyond me.

Jam Jar

boblonghorns (4 of 2)

Jam Jar’s ‘God Bless America’ was a rather a messy burger to eat with streaky bacon, American cheese and Mississippi comeback sauce; a knife and fork may have been needed to truly enjoy and give a fair review!

The Shilling

The Shilling wasted no time with fancy vans and elaborate cookers, and this showed in their clear-cut, no mess burger. Cooked on a family BBQ, The Shilling created a solid burger that would hit the spot every time.

Wylam Burger

WhatsApp Image 2017-04-28 at 23.02.15

Wlyam brewery hit out against the typical ‘American’ burger theme of most vendors, offering a different take with battered monkfish. The tender flakes fell apart beautifully in every ever-so-slightly greasy mouthful, and made a great match to the accompanying tartare sauce and gem lettuce.


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    Sounds like my kind of event!

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